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1 | CORE Maximised
polybutadiene core
2 | INNER MANTLE Very thin and responsive
Dupont™ Surlyn® inner mantle
Golfball mit Hintergrund
3 | OUTER MANTLE Dupont™ HPF outer mantle 4 | COVER Extremely thin and
very soft cast urethane cover
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Pearlgolf Logo When PearlGolf was founded, the aim was to sell golf balls directly online. Since the beginning PearlGolf focuses on a wide product range, low prices, customer-oriented service and high-level quality management. Within short time, PearlGolf’s philosophy led to the deserved success. This gave the go-ahead for the foundation of PearlGolf USA in 2016.
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golf ball production For the golfer it is a big decision to choose the right ball. Relevant for his decision are technique, experience, handicap and also the design of the ball. It is a process. While trying different types of balls of different brands, he finally selects the ball that fits most to his desires. Confidence in the ball’s characteristics does not play a minor role. Under no circumstances may the compatibility with the golfer’s technique be underrated. The three stages of a golf ball development: Analysis and production – robotic tests – field tests
analysis & production At the beginning of a new development there is the careful examination of material and technical nature. This also applies to golf balls. In this phase the characteristics of the golf ball are determined. It is about the technical possibilities to realise the production and the structure and composition of the material. Computer simulations allow the definition of the golf ball’s characteristics. Calculations and meticulous analysis finally lead to the desired end product.
Golfbälle in Analysegerät
Golfball in Testgerät
Robotic tests In order to get results regarding the ball’s quality features, tests are done with the computer-controlled drive robot at Golf Laboratories, Inc. Robotic tests are very important in this stage of development. They allow to get parameters about distance, accuracy and trajectory. In this phase club speed, ball speed, launching angle as well as distance can be changed, customised and realigned. The ball is thoroughly examined and tested.
Field tests At the end of the development cycle there are the so-called field tests. Only then the production can be started. Independent product testers hit the balls in any condition - on the course and at the driving range and then give their review. It is very important that the testers do have different performance levels in order to get exact results and to finally adopt and align the production process accordingly. While testing, the testers do not know which ball they tee up as the brand and the type of the golf ball are not visible.
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As of 2018 PearlGolf is the official golf ball of the German golf association. A photo of the ball with logo can be found on the handicap certificate of each golfer.

The Bavarian company PearlGolf is the new sponsor of the German golf association. Stefan Schmidbaur and Benjamin Holzner, the managing directors of PearlGolf, put the main focus of their business on the development of a golf ball that fits to the needs of professionals as well as of amateurs. The development required numerous tests in order to make the PearlGolf ball what it is today: a ball that makes the golfer happy as it offers maximum distance, optimum spin characteristics, a very soft feel and long durability.
PREMIUM EQUIpment PearlGolf offers a wide range of products, low prices at the same time, high-level quality standard and customer-oriented service. Innovation, style and premium quality does not necessarily have to be coupled with expensive prices. In the last years PearlGolf broadened its product portfolio. It includes golf equipment of different manufacturers as well as in-house products. PearlGolf distributes golf balls and corresponding items for professionals and amateurs combined with excellent performance at a fair price. PearlGolf’s products are just as good as the competitors’ items regarding design, quality and usability.
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headcovers, caps & more PearlGolf’s accessories perfectly fit to your needs regardless of the wind or weather conditions. In addition to our high-level equipment we offer stylish and colour-matched accessories, such as caps, gloves, headcovers and much more. Our products are made of high-quality materials, excellent processing properties and first-class fit. Equipment
GOLF BAGS Our golf bags offer a combination of high-level functional features and design. Perfectly matched materials provide impermeability, durability and comfort. Lightweight bags that offer perfect storage space for your clubs. Different combinations of colours lend an individual look, from classic and elegant to stylish and modern. Golf bags
Gloves and Caps
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100 % RECOGNITION FOR YOUR GOLF BALLS CUSTOMIZED GOLF BALLS 3 Golfbälle mit aufgedruckten Motiven
customize logo Regardless of whether you like to have a company logo, initials or a photo on your golf ball – we are able to print the selected motive on your ball in photorealistic picture quality. During the printing process the balls are gripped firmly with templates exclusively developed for PearlGolf using latest laser technology.